How to Keep Away From the Three Most Common Social Media Traps

social media trapHave you started your social media marketing campaign for a while now, but measurable results have yet to be seen? It is possible that, just like so many other un-experienced companies, you’ve been misusing social media all along. Wondering how to get back on track? Industry experts such as Fast and Easy Social Marketing can help, by providing you with a few simple social media marketing tips on how to avoid falling prey to common social media traps.

Trap no. 1: Spamming your followers and connections

You don’t need any social media marketing tips to know that spam is a phenomenon nobody likes and as such, a spammer will always be cast away by everybody. Offers or promotional messages included in connection invites, or constantly shouted at your online community will always be regarded as spam and that is when you start losing both face and customers. Instead you should build your trust in their eyes and first understand if they have any interest at all in what you have to offer.  If you do find an interest, your message must be served in a non-abusive, natural manner, which people will digest and assimilate much easier. Continue reading “How to Keep Away From the Three Most Common Social Media Traps”