A Set Of Tips On How You Could Grow Your Social Media Fan Bases And Bring In More Leads

Social-Media-Strategy-for-EducationMany businesses going with social media strategies for their marketing are wondering how often they should be posting articles on their blog or entries on their Facebook business page or just simply how their social media marketing efforts are improving traffic and leads. While these are important questions to quantify the success of your social media strategy, you need to know exactly what other strategies can bring about the desired number of leads, fans or followers. Here are a few tips based on recent social media studies.

Keep feeding your pages with posts

Recent studies have shown that about 70% of bloggers are posting once per week. In the case of businesses, however, businesses must feed their blog entries or their Facebook posts more frequently. Some studies suggest once per day, and even twice or three times per day. A post per day can reportedly generate large amounts of traffic on your company blog or on your Facebook page (up to 5 times more). Also, multiple posts per day can get you 15% greater results, when compared to companies that post only once per day. However, before you start bombarding your Facebook page with posts, take a while to test your audience and their appetite for content. Continue reading “A Set Of Tips On How You Could Grow Your Social Media Fan Bases And Bring In More Leads”