5 Deadly Business Social Media Mistakes

social media mistakesSocial Media marketing in itself is no silver bullet. A few Internet searches will show that there are as many (sometimes hilarious) business social media disaster stories as there are success stories. We want you to be in the latter category, so read and avoid these 5 deadly mistakes businesses make with their social media.

Mistake #1: Set up a bunch of profiles and pray

Social Media is not the Yellow Pages. Anybody can set up profiles or start a blog. But it’s what you do with those tools that matters. You have to carve out the time to plan and consistently execute your social media strategy or you are just wasting your time. Keep your ambitions in check and remember that, with social media, quantity does not equal quality. Choose only the number of sites that you will be able to keep up with—even if it’s just one. Continue reading “5 Deadly Business Social Media Mistakes”