How To Shine As A Blogger: Follow The Structure Of A Great Business Blog Post

blogger tipsThe key to having a successful business blog is creating a lot of exciting and useful content that your readers will appreciate. The more quality posts your blog has, the more search engines will like you for it. But how you will wrap that content?  Form is equally, if not sometimes more important. If the structure of your post isn’t right, you can lose audience and clients.

So, when you start writing your own posts to supplement your Fast and Easy Social Marketing campaign, make sure you follow this structure.

Step 1: choose a controversial/ interesting topic

A great blog post is something that will have people think or that will solve a problem others can’t. So don’t be afraid of bringing forward your own opinion on an issue of your industry or of launching a challenge for your readers. No matter how boring you think your industry might be, there will always be exciting news, controversial issues or other ideas that can stimulate people to interact, exchange opinions, take stances.

Step 2: write a great opening

A great blog post is nothing without a great introduction. Why not make it more than great, and create a gripping one? You need something that will pull your readers in. This should be short and snappy and basically summarize the article, present its purpose. Continue reading “How To Shine As A Blogger: Follow The Structure Of A Great Business Blog Post”