Facebook Promotion Rules You Need To Follow To Make Sure You Are Running A Legal Contest

facebook-blogFor any company, large or small, running contests on Facebook is a great way to engage with new audiences via social media.

The bad news:  Unless you make sure your competition follows the new rules and regulations, Facebook can shut down your page completely. They have basically created these rules so that they could not be held financially responsible for any issues that come out of a businesses’ handling of a contest.

Here is an overview of the new guidelines for promotions run on Facebook outlining the things that Page owners can and cannot do when running promotions on Facebook.

#1 You must use a third- party application to create and promote your contest

Basically what this rule says is that you cannot run your competition on Facebook alone, as it was the case before. You have two solutions. One is to create a competition application yourself, which many people cannot usually do. So unless you are a large enough company that can spend money on an IT guy who can do this, you will need another solution. The good thing is there are a lot of good applications connected to Facebook. Depending on budget and on how you want your contest to be, you can take a pick. A very popular choice is Wildfire, which offers a variety of applications from video to photo contests. Also, North Social and Offer Pop are common, but these have both important disadvantages. Continue reading “Facebook Promotion Rules You Need To Follow To Make Sure You Are Running A Legal Contest”