A Message to the Writers

Writing isn’t easy. We know it. We have all been there and sometimes this seems like a profession that you want to just give up. There are too many obstacles, and maybe a tad too much competition?

We, the people beyond Iris Content have been working in the writing industry for years and have had our fair share of satisfaction and…disappointment. Too often, content agencies turn into oppressors for striving writers, blocking their way to better earnings and hindering their professional growth. Sooner or later, most promising content provider businesses turn into mills, where a writer’s voice is a mere part of a chorus.

Too often, a writer’s creativity and skills are treated as givens by people who have forgotten where they have started and what it took for them to get there. There are so many stories to tell… but maybe they will one day be the subject of a book.

What we want to accomplish here is create a safe place for the writers choosing to use their creativity and voice and join us. A place where it is easy to say ‘yes’ just as it is easy to say ‘no.’ A true professional environment where everyone is welcome to join and everyone can contribute, where value is built with people’s voices.

Don’t just take our word for it. We are here for you. You can give us a try. No strings attached. Just an email away.

We do believe that the world of online content can be made better if we put our minds and hearts together and act as proper, professional teams.

Contact us today, let’s give things a try!