Facebook Promotion Rules You Need To Follow To Make Sure You Are Running A Legal Contest

facebook-blogFor any company, large or small, running contests on Facebook is a great way to engage with new audiences via social media.

The bad news:  Unless you make sure your competition follows the new rules and regulations, Facebook can shut down your page completely. They have basically created these rules so that they could not be held financially responsible for any issues that come out of a businesses’ handling of a contest.

Here is an overview of the new guidelines for promotions run on Facebook outlining the things that Page owners can and cannot do when running promotions on Facebook.

#1 You must use a third- party application to create and promote your contest

Basically what this rule says is that you cannot run your competition on Facebook alone, as it was the case before. You have two solutions. One is to create a competition application yourself, which many people cannot usually do. So unless you are a large enough company that can spend money on an IT guy who can do this, you will need another solution. The good thing is there are a lot of good applications connected to Facebook. Depending on budget and on how you want your contest to be, you can take a pick. A very popular choice is Wildfire, which offers a variety of applications from video to photo contests. Also, North Social and Offer Pop are common, but these have both important disadvantages. Continue reading “Facebook Promotion Rules You Need To Follow To Make Sure You Are Running A Legal Contest”

Things to Post on Your Facebook Business Page that Can Bring More Fans and Customers

I LikeThe simplest thing you can do to start your company’s social media marketing campaign is to create a Facebook business page. The hardest part will be to gain ‘likes’, to keep fans interested, and to create user participation. So you need to know exactly what to post about, to keep your business page updated and fresh. Here are a few suggestions.

Interesting things about the industry

You can post info on anything that could have a value for your potential customers. Information that can help them understand a new product, or tips that can make their lives better, these are just two suggestions. But, whatever you do, do not say bad things about the competition in your posts, because you want people to like your product. Talking negatively about any of your competitors’ products or services will not make your fans like you  so you should continue to be positive at all times and make one step at a time into the direction of establishing yourself an industry leader. So, most of your posts should be about helping your fans in some way or the other. Continue reading “Things to Post on Your Facebook Business Page that Can Bring More Fans and Customers”

Fast and Easy Social Marketing Tips To Help Give Your Business A Much Needed Boost

Hand holding a Social Media 3d SphereIn the present economic context, your company’s market success crucially depends on your ability to make internet marketing tools work for you. As classical advertising doesn’t seem to work anymore, especially for smaller businesses, which cannot afford large marketing budgets, everyone needs to work on their social media skills. However, it may seem quite a challenge to master this ability if you’re new to the medium. Here are some expert tips for fast and easy social marketing.

1.  Draw up a plan.

When it comes to social marketing, planning is of the essence. Take the time to clearly define your targets (what your social marketing strategy is supposed to do for your company) and ponder on the best ways to meet them. Continue reading “Fast and Easy Social Marketing Tips To Help Give Your Business A Much Needed Boost”

How to Leverage LinkedIn’s Tremendous Potential to Market Your Business

liThere’s no denying a large portion of the battle for market clout is now waged through the social media and a company’s ability to masterfully use them as a marketing tool can literally make or break its success. However, it can be quite challenging to harness their potential and make it work for you if you haven’t got a clearly-defined strategy or a clear sense of which media are likely to yield the best results.

Thus, few people have grasped, as yet, LinkedIn’s tremendous potential as a tool to promote their business and most content themselves with using it as resume site. Yet LinkedIn may actually prove a more effective marketing vehicle than other more popular social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, if used properly.

To begin with, LinkedIn is a search engine, which is to say it weighs a lot with Google and other popular search engines. Following are a bunch of useful tips to help you leverage LinkedIn’s potential to give your company a boost. Continue reading “How to Leverage LinkedIn’s Tremendous Potential to Market Your Business”

Top 5 Reasons to Use B2C Social Media Marketing

social-media-marketingIf you spend enough time on Facebook or Twitter, you won’t have a hard time finding social media marketing success stories.  Yet many B2C companies remain skeptically in their deck chairs or refuse to go past the shallow end of the social media pool. Below are a few of the main reasons your B2C company should be using social media marketingContinue reading “Top 5 Reasons to Use B2C Social Media Marketing”

Easy Social Media Marketing Guidelines to Help You Overcome Your Small Business’ Competition

Strawberry growth isolated on whiteAre you tired of constantly seeing your competition stealing your customers and getting the better of you? Are you still struggling with large budgets implied by the traditional marketing strategies? Be smart and take on your rivals by adopting an easy social media marketing strategy. Not sure how to do it? The following will present you with 4 easy social media marketing tricks for you to get an edge on your competition and claim the industry leader title for your business.

  • Be more than just a provider

Small businesses often wonder how to sell their products or services at higher prices than larger corporations provide. The answer lies in gaining your customers’ trust. People are more likely to buy from a friendly figure, even if they have to pay higher prices. Respond to every feedback and every “Like” you receive in a timely manner, show your appreciation and support and you will be seen as a friend rather than just an indifferent provider. Continue reading “Easy Social Media Marketing Guidelines to Help You Overcome Your Small Business’ Competition”

4 Great Easy Social Media Marketing Resources to Help You Grow Your Small Business Online

socialmedia_marketingRunning an easy social media marketing campaign is crucial for a small business’ development. In a world where every company is trying to get ahead using whatever means necessary and internet has become part of most people’s daily lives, a business’ online presence cannot be neglected.  However, there are still many managers who fail to see the importance of social media for business and this creates opportunities for those who do. The following set of 4 social media resources will allow you to get an edge over your competition.

1. Facebook business page

There are currently over 749 million active Facebook users and experts say that this number will change to over 1 billion by the end of 2012. With so many people creating a buzz, sharing and discussing their likes, Facebook makes an invaluable resource for an easy social media marketing strategy. Through their Facebook business page, companies can reach new potential customers and put their products and services on display to large, targeted communities of just waiting for the right kind of offer to come. Continue reading “4 Great Easy Social Media Marketing Resources to Help You Grow Your Small Business Online”