A Set Of Tips On How You Could Grow Your Social Media Fan Bases And Bring In More Leads

Social-Media-Strategy-for-EducationMany businesses going with social media strategies for their marketing are wondering how often they should be posting articles on their blog or entries on their Facebook business page or just simply how their social media marketing efforts are improving traffic and leads. While these are important questions to quantify the success of your social media strategy, you need to know exactly what other strategies can bring about the desired number of leads, fans or followers. Here are a few tips based on recent social media studies.

Keep feeding your pages with posts

Recent studies have shown that about 70% of bloggers are posting once per week. In the case of businesses, however, businesses must feed their blog entries or their Facebook posts more frequently. Some studies suggest once per day, and even twice or three times per day. A post per day can reportedly generate large amounts of traffic on your company blog or on your Facebook page (up to 5 times more). Also, multiple posts per day can get you 15% greater results, when compared to companies that post only once per day. However, before you start bombarding your Facebook page with posts, take a while to test your audience and their appetite for content. Continue reading “A Set Of Tips On How You Could Grow Your Social Media Fan Bases And Bring In More Leads”

Top 5 Reasons Your B2B Company Should Use Social Media Tools

PrintIn today’s business community, people are fed up with mouth to mouth marketing. By means of social media, B2B companies can easily interact with each other without having to deal with official appointment requirements.  Recent research indicate that about 90% of B2B clients work with social media tools, when making an acquisition, and for many such organizations, this can be a good enough reason to adopt social media marketing. Regretfully, still many don’t yet fully grasp how powerful and cost efficient this tactic can turn out to be. Let’s have a look at a few of the key reasons you need to start using social media today. Continue reading “Top 5 Reasons Your B2B Company Should Use Social Media Tools”

Putting Together Your Facebook Marketing Plan- The Most Common Mistakes A Beginner Will Make

facebook mistakesDeveloping a Facebook page for your business is totally free and simple to accomplish so you will find that nowadays a lot of businesses are coming up with these types of pages. Unfortunately, though, many of these endeavors are producing very poor results. Facebook errors will potentially destroy your own social media marketing strategy. The following are actually some of the very typical errors individuals come up with.

   People forget to separate personal from business

The most widespread of the Facebook mistakes will be the inability to produce a fan page for business; as an alternative choosing to make use of their own personal page as being a company page. Friends and family don’t need to see your small business feeds, and several of your personal feeds that can come up must not be revealed to potential clients. Continue reading “Putting Together Your Facebook Marketing Plan- The Most Common Mistakes A Beginner Will Make”

How To Shine As A Blogger: Follow The Structure Of A Great Business Blog Post

blogger tipsThe key to having a successful business blog is creating a lot of exciting and useful content that your readers will appreciate. The more quality posts your blog has, the more search engines will like you for it. But how you will wrap that content?  Form is equally, if not sometimes more important. If the structure of your post isn’t right, you can lose audience and clients.

So, when you start writing your own posts to supplement your Fast and Easy Social Marketing campaign, make sure you follow this structure.

Step 1: choose a controversial/ interesting topic

A great blog post is something that will have people think or that will solve a problem others can’t. So don’t be afraid of bringing forward your own opinion on an issue of your industry or of launching a challenge for your readers. No matter how boring you think your industry might be, there will always be exciting news, controversial issues or other ideas that can stimulate people to interact, exchange opinions, take stances.

Step 2: write a great opening

A great blog post is nothing without a great introduction. Why not make it more than great, and create a gripping one? You need something that will pull your readers in. This should be short and snappy and basically summarize the article, present its purpose. Continue reading “How To Shine As A Blogger: Follow The Structure Of A Great Business Blog Post”

How to Keep Away From the Three Most Common Social Media Traps

social media trapHave you started your social media marketing campaign for a while now, but measurable results have yet to be seen? It is possible that, just like so many other un-experienced companies, you’ve been misusing social media all along. Wondering how to get back on track? Industry experts such as Fast and Easy Social Marketing can help, by providing you with a few simple social media marketing tips on how to avoid falling prey to common social media traps.

Trap no. 1: Spamming your followers and connections

You don’t need any social media marketing tips to know that spam is a phenomenon nobody likes and as such, a spammer will always be cast away by everybody. Offers or promotional messages included in connection invites, or constantly shouted at your online community will always be regarded as spam and that is when you start losing both face and customers. Instead you should build your trust in their eyes and first understand if they have any interest at all in what you have to offer.  If you do find an interest, your message must be served in a non-abusive, natural manner, which people will digest and assimilate much easier. Continue reading “How to Keep Away From the Three Most Common Social Media Traps”

Social Media ROI For Your Business: A Beginner’s Guide

roiWhen you’re just starting out with social media, it’s hard to imagine how all those tweets and posts can add up to anything close to dollar signs. Sure you can see how you can polish up your brand image and make connections with consumers or other businesses. But with so much chatting and so little actual selling, what exactly are you supposed to be measuring? The truth is that you must understand social media ROI or you will most likely fail to develop an effective long-term social media strategy. Here we answer a few key questions you may have about measuring your social media ROI.

Why do you need to measure you social media ROI? 

You are undoubtedly using analytics in other areas of your business. They tell you how effective your salespeople are, whether your ads are working, etc. If, for example, one salesperson or one ad is consistently reporting low numbers, you know it’s time for a change. That’s also true with social media. You can’t fix anything if you don’t know it’s broken, and you need to be tracking a variety of metrics to be able to isolate exactly what needs fixing. Continue reading “Social Media ROI For Your Business: A Beginner’s Guide”

Easy Social Marketing: Dos and Don’ts for Using Social Media to Grow Your Business

deddAre you still struggling with your old business models only to discover that nothing helps anymore? We have good news: there is a revolution happening across the globe and in all facets of the traditional business model, as social media changed the way people do business and gain leads.

You have heard the success stories, you have seen your peers take advantage of social media’s potential for marketing and thrive. You could certainly use the buzz, but how do you go about building a social media strategy when working on a tight budget, with a team that hasn’t had the chance to hone their media skills?

Here are some basic dos and don’ts for fast and easy social marketing, guaranteed to leverage your business and expand your prospect pool. Continue reading “Easy Social Marketing: Dos and Don’ts for Using Social Media to Grow Your Business”