Top 5 Reasons to Use B2C Social Media Marketing

social-media-marketingIf you spend enough time on Facebook or Twitter, you won’t have a hard time finding social media marketing success stories.  Yet many B2C companies remain skeptically in their deck chairs or refuse to go past the shallow end of the social media pool. Below are a few of the main reasons your B2C company should be using social media marketingContinue reading “Top 5 Reasons to Use B2C Social Media Marketing”

YouTube Channel for Your Business – A Business User’s Dos and Don’ts for Video Marketing

youtube for businessIf you have decided that video marketing is what you need for your business but aren’t sure where to start, you need to know that YouTube is your first and most important choice. However, starting a YouTube channel for your business may be a bit confusing. The first thing you need to know is that YouTube is not only a video sharing website, so people are not just there to watch, have a laugh or two and find out about interesting news. With its online community section, YouTube is also an effervescent social networking site.  You should definitely become a part of that community. After all, as a business owner, you can’t be afraid of interacting with your prospects on the internet. Here are a few basics about using YouTube properly. 

  1. Use comments the appropriate way.
    When you give feedback to a YouTube video, you need to use your common sense and don’t forget whatever you will write will reflect the image of your company. Bad comments make other people stay away from you. In case you react to some other people’s video posting by using foul language, know that YouTube allows users to report you. You may end up having your account suspended. Continue reading “YouTube Channel for Your Business – A Business User’s Dos and Don’ts for Video Marketing”

Social Media Marketing: Three Major Ways in Which You Can Socially Reward Your Customers

incentivesIf you don’t know how to build your customer base with the help of social media marketing, you should know that the same basic rule applies as in classic marketing: you must constantly offer your customers rewards and make them want to come back for more.

In fact, social media is great for encouraging client loyalty in the sense that will allow you to put together a brand community. Let’s take a look at a few simple ways of incentivizing your customers on Facebook and other social media places.

1. Offer discounts and online- only offers

The truth is, with the ascent of all those discount sites out there, a new breed of customers is appearing, namely those who expect you to offer discount on you product. The best thing you can do for the success of your social media campaign is to offer periodical discounts that are only available online. Continue reading “Social Media Marketing: Three Major Ways in Which You Can Socially Reward Your Customers”

YouTube Marketing: Five Critical Mistakes Your Company Can Make While Uploading Video Content

ytubeSo you are using video marketing as a means to boost your business sales. You have probably already uploaded several videos on You Tube and are now waiting for them to get thousands upon thousands of viewers. Yet, the results are just not showing. Chances are you have made a mistake in handling your business’ video campaign.

Take a look at some crucial mistakes you need to avoid, while using YouTube as your ultimate video marketing tool.

Mistake 1: treat it like advertising

Probably one of the biggest mistakes YouTube marketers are making is overselling. Rule number one: whatever videos you post representing your company, they shouldn’t feel like an advertisement. YouTube is all about getting people’s engagement. Don’t get into it with a limited perspective. Try to consider online video as a tool that can do more than simply advertise your specific products and services, aiming to sell them to more people. Continue reading “YouTube Marketing: Five Critical Mistakes Your Company Can Make While Uploading Video Content”

5 Deadly Business Social Media Mistakes

social media mistakesSocial Media marketing in itself is no silver bullet. A few Internet searches will show that there are as many (sometimes hilarious) business social media disaster stories as there are success stories. We want you to be in the latter category, so read and avoid these 5 deadly mistakes businesses make with their social media.

Mistake #1: Set up a bunch of profiles and pray

Social Media is not the Yellow Pages. Anybody can set up profiles or start a blog. But it’s what you do with those tools that matters. You have to carve out the time to plan and consistently execute your social media strategy or you are just wasting your time. Keep your ambitions in check and remember that, with social media, quantity does not equal quality. Choose only the number of sites that you will be able to keep up with—even if it’s just one. Continue reading “5 Deadly Business Social Media Mistakes”