About Us

We all have our words with us…Some of us are better at putting them down. So who are we? We can be the friends who use your thoughts to put them into content. We can be the partners putting words into your mouth.

You will never know until you try. If you need words for yourself, for your business, to give shape to your hope and dreams, you can always count on us.

Why? Because some people are just better with words. Because some people are better at magically creating your words from the shadows, and sending them your way.

Because people need to listen, and for that, you need words.


This content place was born out of a desire to make things better…. Better for the clients, by providing a more open approach to ordering content and getting it customized to their needs. But first and foremost, this was created as a better place for the writers.


Who We Are

Annie IankoAnnie

Annie has 18 years experience as an editor and content creator, as well as content manager. After getting her MA in English and French Literature, Annie taught literature for a while but quickly moved towards a more active area of content creation.

With  years of  work in television and written media, Annie has started learning the basics of online content and SEO while  working as Content Manager for a French based tourism company, for two years. She then found herself running a B2B hospitality magazine which she created from scratch. 10 years ago, Annie started working for various US middle-sized companies, clients of a leading Los Angeles based business growth and search engine marketing provider, Business Breakthroughs International.
Her work ranged from creating blog entries, how to articles and video content for clients, to running a group of SEO workers and writers, editing their work, coordinating the actions and providing a detailed SERP report for the clients online campaigns.

For the past three years, Annie has been actively involved into growing an US based copywriting agency with her activity as a Content Manager. Handling the entire content creation process, from client contact to handling a team of 70+ writers, editing and greenlighting their work, Annie knows every aspect of the content creation process.


Alecs IankoAlecs 

Starting 2002, Alecs has been constantly working  as a politics and social journalist for several English language daily papers. An English- Chinese graduate, she has covered foreign affairs and culture, as well as other journalistic areas.

Her next challenge was covering the client connection part of the Business Breakthrough International’s Search Engine Marketing Department. Working with various business owners throughout the US, giving them SEO tips for their content, providing editing, title-work and various other SEO jobs for the clients’ online marketing campaigns has been a constant reminder that, even if most of the online work is done face to face with a computer, the human element is still the most important factor.

This was better put into practice in her next position, as a Client Manager with an US based copywriting agency. Alecs handled the entire client communication process, from initial content and cold emailing to solving customer issues, taking orders, invoicing and processing funding for projects.



Together with a group of dedicated expert writers, all highly experienced in working online content, we are ready to welcome you as part of our family. Please feel free to email us and we will be sure to find work for you.


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