Google Penguin 2.0: 10 Tips to Recover from the Update

penguin-p If you’ve been looking at your site’s stats lately, you may have noticed a bit of a hit to your search engine rankings after, oh, around the end of May. If so, then chances are pretty good that you were an unintended (we hope) victim of the Google Penguin 2.0 update. Penguin 2.0 was rolled out on May 22, and it essentially continues the updates that started with the earlier versions of Penguin to penalize sites who were using less-than-reputable SEO practices. Where the earlier updates (the ones dubbed “Panda”) targeted overall quality of a site, the Penguin updates are concerned with the details, and built to lock onto some of the most common SEO exploitation methods including keyword stuffing, anchor text, and sneaky link profiles. If you’ve been impacted by the Penguin update, we’d suggest taking a long hard look at who’s doing your SEO for you, because it seems like there may be some “Black Hat” SEO practices at work here. Continue reading “Google Penguin 2.0: 10 Tips to Recover from the Update”