7 Easy Social Marketing Steps to Take in Order to Build Your Small Business’ Reputation Online

semSmall businesses often struggle to make a name for themselves and be heard by their potential customers. On the long run this usually leads to poor business performance and, eventually, closing down. Do you want to avoid being one of them?  Do you want your small business to have a future?

Listed here are 7 easy social marketing steps in order to successfully build a strong reputation with social media.

  1. Listen to your customers
    The most important easy social marketing step to take is to start listening to your customers. Social marketing is a client oriented process and all its aspects must be put together with their needs and desires in mind.
  2. Split your audience into groups
    As one shoe does not fit all, you should segment your audience into groups based on their common interests, behaviors or demographics and then formulate your marketing messages to address each group in particular.
  3. Know thy enemy
    Easy social marketing 
    step three is getting to know your competition, what messages they are sending and how are they doing it by following their social media accounts or blogs. Remember that your competition does not necessarily have to sell the exact same products or services as you. In order to get people to buy from you, you must present your offer in a more appealing manner.
  4. Position your product
    How you choose to position your products or services is extremely important in determining how your potential customers will respond to it compared to those of the competition. Explain exactly how your product resolves their problems and what benefits they will get from using it.
  5. Be in the right place
    In these Internet savvy times, with so much available information, people will not look too hard to find your message. You will need to put your message where they are, whether on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter or LinkedIn.
  6. Build solid partnerships
    Combining powers with other businesses in order to achieve your goal will have a greater impact, as you will benefit from reaching their audiences as well. Social Media sites, especially LinkedIn, offer plenty of opportunity for teaming up, so go on an try to seize them.
  7. Test and adjust
    Social media is not a one-time deal. You need to test your strategies over and over again and when you find something doesn’t work as planned, adjust and change it accordingly.

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